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We are a quality manufacturer of KNISHES, RUGELACH & BLINTZES

Home of the most outrageously delicious hand-made signature line of knishes, rugelach, and blintzes in the world. It all began when my father first started Papa's Knishes in 1978. When I was 8 years old, my father shared his knish secret with me. From making the dough and filling it with all sorts of different ingredients, like Potato, Kasha, Mushroom, and Spinach, to watching it bake in the oven, everything about this great tasting delicacy was so intriguing to me. I would visit the factory every day after school and each day I would learn something new about the knishes. After some time, I could make my own knish from scratch and it was the best thing I ever made. From then on, I knew that I didn't want the tradition of Papa's Knishes to ever go away. That's why I took over the business. And that's why Papa's Foods has been a leading provider of the most outrageously delicious, signature line of handmade knishes, rugelach, and blintzes for over 40 years. The finest ingredients. Family. Tradition. Timeless taste. Recipes handed down and honed from generation to generation with love and devotion. You get it all from Papa's. Whether you're a wholesale distributor or a specialty food broker, or a papa or mama yourself. Taste the difference. Knishes made the old-fashioned way. No wonder people call Papa's "The Best Knishes in the World!" Our specialty line of products are made from the finest ingredients. A true family tradition, our recipes have been passed down from several generations of "Papa's" for over 100 years giving you a taste that is ultimately timeless.

We are looking for quality wholesale distributors and specialty food brokers to service the fast paced demand for our products. All products shipped frozen anywhere in the continental United States from our Gaithersburg, MD facility. For more information on how to become a distributor or broker please contact David Model at 301-340-2800 or you may e-mail us at
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